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Waste management is a United States based company which was founded in 1984. The company is specialized  in making available waste management services to about 20 million North American residential, industrial and  a municipal customers with a workforce of over 45,000 employees. Waste management is basically a type of movement which is joined by people to keep the environment of city clean and healthy and by doing so people are being getting rewarded with some benefits and rewards. Waste management is one of the largest solution provider for keeping the environment clean and keeping it healthy. Waste management is getting practiced in North America since very long. It have been recognised that waste management are serving their services for more than 21 million industrial, commercial and municipal sectors. Waste management have invested highly advanced system for making the best solution to develop waste management system so as to change the environment and making it a better place to live and also helping people to keep their surroundings keep clean, healthy and hygienic.

Waste management focuses mainly on recycling the waste materials instead of throwing them away. The company is also helping their customers by providing them suitable counselling sessions with the motive to achieve zero wastage management.

For becoming a part of waste management program one is required to get registered with their official website.

MyWmTotalRewards Total Rewards Account online:

For reward system waste management have created the website to provide easy access to their employees who wants to participate in the reward system called MyWmTotalRewards. One can get registered with waste management online at Participating in this great mission of waste management is providing one to get significant rewards and benefits.

If the person is an employee of waste management then the person is required to get registered with site so as to get all the facilities of Human resources. This online process is helping the employees of waste management to stay connected with the Human resources branch and to stay updated about the upcoming policies related to HR. And after getting registered with the site person will get automatically alerts about new updates of the policies.

If the person is a staff member of MyWmTotalRewards then he/ she will be granted access to the beneficial information very quickly and easily. The member will be getting information about their health plan, payroll processors and the mutual fund administration on the site

MyWmTotalRewards Employees benefits:

  • Waste management are offering their employees competitive wages and benefits which includes benefits like medical, dental and prescription coverage.
  • The company is also offering legal benefits to their employees like flexible spending account, paid vacation, employees discounts.
  • Company is providing full cost of coverage to their employees like medical and dental cost.
  • Company is having a “get well guide” which is a group of nurses and coaches who is helping the employees and there respective families for getting access to the help that they might need for a variety of life challenges.
  • There is also an employee stock purchase plan which is providing the employees opportunity of buying shares of waste management common stock at the discount of 15%.

Who is eligible for MyWmTotalRewards?

Only the employees of the waste management are eligible for the total reward that the company is offering at

Requirements For MyWmTotalRewards Registration:

  • First thing required for registration in waste management total reward is a device that can be a computer/ laptop or an iPad.
  • Now for accessing the site it is mandatory to have a good internet or wifi connection associated with the device.
  • Social security number (SSN) is also needed because at time of registration the site will be asking last four digits of SSN. The social service number (SSN) will be used to verify the identity so as to make sure that the person is eligible for this MyWmTotalRewards system or not.
  • And the date of birth is also required.

Registration Process Of MyWmTotalRewards:

  • Firstly visit to the site of waste management at
  • If the person is not an employee of waste management then he/ she is required to click on “register as a new user”.
  • Now the user is required to enter the last four digits of the social security number (SSN) and date of birth as well. This is required to fill for the personal identification. When done with this click on “continue” button.
  • Now person is required to create user ID.
  • Next follow the rest of direction so as to complete the process of registration.

After getting registered one is allowed to access his/ her account 24×7 but required a good internet connection.

Steps To Login MyWmTotalRewards Account :

After getting registered one has to get login with all the credentials through which one will be able to access the reward program. But in case if the person is a Canadian employee then he/ she is required click on the link which is just for Canada. There are simple steps for logging in:

  • The first step is to visit the official site of waste management at through the browser.
  • After visiting to the site the homepage will appear where one may proceed with the login process.
  • Now the screen will ask the user to enter his/ her User ID and password, fill these credentials in the provided space.
  • After entering all these details one is successfully logged in to his/ her account and can access all their rewards.


The MyWmTotalRewards is not for making profits. It is just a way to give back the employees of waste management for their good jobs. For enrolling in this program is very easy for the employee, they are just required to add their personal, contact and employment details. The site is very secure to keep the personal and other data safe. Indeed this program is for social and environmental welfare only. By creating account on the site the employee will be able to get many MyWmTotalRewards and benefits like payment of bills online and much more from

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