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My gift card is also known as prepaid stored value money card which can be used as an alternative to cash. Instead of using cash for purchases, one is allowed to use these gift cards. There are different types of gift cards available like Visa prepaid gift card, Master prepaid gift and any other retail gift card. Prepaid gift cards are having one of the highest ranking website on the internet which is selling gift cards to different large corporate retailers and small business as well which is including retailers like Amazon, Best buy. The time when card is used, automatically the purchase amount will be deducted from card. On each purchase through gift card, is donating to the American cancer society. It is not allowed for anyone to use these gift cards for any illegal transaction. For checking Balance, card statements and many other services one is required to get registered with

Features of MyGiftCardsite:

  1. Worldwide acceptance: Master card from MyGiftCardsite can be used anywhere across the world and anytime for making payments to purchase.
  2. A personal touch: One is also allowed to personalize his/ her master card with photos, recipient’s name or a message whatever the user wishes.
  3. Disposed: When the amount of card is exhausted the card will be disposed by MyGiftCardsite itself.
  4. Uses: visa and MasterCard can be used for purchasing different items at various locations.
  5. Amount of money: The gift card are having a fixed amount of money, the money will be deducted after purchasing from gift card.
  6. Expiry date: The gift cards from MyGiftCardsite are also having an expiry date which will be printed on the card itself as other cards too have, the cards are valid or active till the date of expiry.

MyGiftCardsite Registration Process:

For accessing the card features and services one is required to register the card online. Through which the user can check the balance of account, transaction history, card statements etc.

  • Firstly open the browser and visit to the official website of MyGiftCardsite i.e,
  • Then enter the card number and the security code of card in the required fields.
  • And also enter the captcha as it gets displays.
  • After entering all such details proceed to the card registration. Once card gets registered the user can use it for buying things online and by logging in easily the services and features can be accessed.

Steps To Access MyGiftCardsite Statements:

For accessing the statement of card one is required to simply follow the following steps:

  • Open the browser and visit to the site at
  • Now enter the details required like card number and the security code of the gift card.
  • Now click on the “login” button for getting successfully logged in.
  • Now click on the option of “card statement” so as to get access on the card statement from MyGiftCardsite.

How MyGiftCardsite works?

  • Purchase: The card can be purchased online, stores, banks and in the variety of other places. If one wants to get a personalized gift card then he/ she is required to order it online, but it is time consuming and will take some time. In case a person wants to get his/ her gift card immediately then the user is required to buy the card from stores. And when a user wants the card at lower activation fee then he/ she needs to apply at
  • Activation: For activating the gift card one is required to have the gift card account number and the Card Verification Number (CVN) itself for the card. Gift card account number is the 16 digits number that will be present on the card and Card Verification Number (CVN) will be available at the back side of card.

There are two different ways for activating MyGiftCardsite account

  • One can activate his/ her card by the website of supplier, where one is required to enter 16 digit account number and CVN to activate the card.
  • And secondly the user can call supplier’s card activation service through Interactive voice response in which a computer will provide the user for entering the 16 digit card number and CVN.

Initial Balance on MyGiftCardsite:

After activation of card one is required to know the initial Balance of his/ her card before using and for tracking the remaining balance after purchasing. It is very simple to check the balance of gift card and it is not time consuming, it will take just few minutes to check the balance.

There is a very simple process for checking the balance and steps are mentioned below:

  • Visit to the site of
  • Then enter 16 digit card number in the particular spacebar.
  • Now enter 6 digit security code.
  • After entering all these details the user can now check the balance and the transaction history of the card.
  • Gift cards can be won by participating in the at

Balance of account can be checked in three different ways:

  • One can check the balance by simply calling at customer service number 1-888-716-7994. The number is available 24×7 but one is required to be ready with all the details.
  • Balance can be checked also by Visiting to the store and showing his/ her gift card to the sales associate. Transaction history and balance can be checked.
  • And thirdly the balance can be also checked online by visiting to and entering required details in specific fields.

 Lost My Gift Card:

If one has mistakenly lost his/ her gift card or have been stolen by someone, then MyGiftCard site user is allowed to get new gift card, activation receipt or the payment receipt. Getting gift card replaced without any information of cards will be difficult. 24×7 customer services have been provided to the user by calling at 866-952-5653. For replacing the card charges are getting being applied, they will ask the user to pay $5.9 and also some personal details will be also asked. And the new gift card will be issued in 30 days.

For More Information:

To know more information about MyGiftCardsite and for staying updated one can visit to the website or can call to the customer service number 1-866-952-5653 toll free.

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