How To Hack Wifi Using Android Device

It is one of the most searched queries on the Internet -The best way to hack WiFi Using Android Mobile?   Well, kernel the response is yes.  Android is an operating system based on Linux kernel, so nearly all such hacks and tricks are possible.  But since the android device is not quite as powerful as a regular PC, there are certain conditions and requirements to be satisfied in order to hack WiFi with it.  There are dozens and dozens of fake programs and malware which claims to hack WiFi in moments.   Keep in mind, you will find one-click WiFi Hacking programs.  In Simple words, not each Android device can hack WiFi and also it might take hours or days to get a successful hack. 

How to Hack WiFi Using Android?

Proceed only if your device falls under either of the below categories. Otherwise, it is waste of time and energy. For better results use Cyanogen ROM.

  1. Android Device ought to be rooted. 
  2. Android Device should encourage bcmon Program (i.e should have Broadcom bcm4329/4330 wifi chipset.   [OR]
  3. [Update] Today ‘non bcmon supported devices’ & ‘devices which support external WiFi cards’ is also used to hack WiFi.  Check this article How To Hack Wifi Using Android Without bcmon.

Tools Used:

  • Bcmon program[apk] -This tool empowers Monitor Mode in your frozen device with Broadcom chipset, which is essential for hacking WiFi using android.   Download Link 1 or Download Link Two
  • Reaver for Android or RfA – A WiFi pentesting tool which can be utilized to assault WPS-enabled routers and after that the WPS-Pin is cracked, it may retrieve the real WPA-key.   Download Link 1 or Download Link Two

Hacking WPA/WPA2 (WPS Enabled) WiFi using Android [bcmon supported devices]

  • Download and install the bcmon program.
  • It could crash at first but keep trying.  If it still crashes after 3-4 tries the device might not be supported.
  • Click on ‘enable monitor mode’.  
  • Download and install Reaver and execute it. 
  • Reaver will scan to the available access point.  Remember it could hack just WPS empowered WiFi.  Ensure Monitor Mode’ is switched on.  Be certain that the “Automatic complex settings” box is checked.
  • Pick the system to hack and tap “Start Attack”.   And sometimes it will not e successful depending upon the router kind.

Hacking WEP kind WiFi Using Android Phone

WEP is a outdated, feeble protocol utilized to safeguard WiFi and it is no more favored since it can be hacked within minutes.  But, due to lack of awareness, it is still used throughout the world.  Here instructions explain how you can use your android device to hack on a WEP secure WiFi network.

Procedure :

  • Bcmon program is used here too.  So download and install it as told previously Harness “Run bcmon terminal”.
  • This will establish a terminal similar to the majority of Linux terminals.
  • Sort airodump-ng and click on the Input button.
  • In the newly opened window kind airodump-ng wlan0 and tap on the Input button.
  • Open reaver and note down the WiFi (Access point) title, Mac Address as well as the broadcasting station of this WiFi which you wish to hack.  Make certain it is WEP.
  • Today we can begin scanning the goal WiFi and gather packets.

Sort the following

airodump-ng -c channel# –bssid MAC address -w outputfile ath0

Note: channel# = broadcasting station, MAC address = Mac Address of this router which you previously noted down.  -w is for specifying the output file title.  I have given the title as outputfile in the case.  So the comprehensive command looks similar to this.

Airodump-ng -c 9 –bssid 00:14:6C:7E:40:80 -w outputfile ath0

  • Continue scanning untill it hastens 20,000-30,000 packets.   After enough packets are accumulated go back to the terminal and kind aircrack-ng outputfile*.
  • Aircrack program will try to decode the WiFi password in your stripped packets.  It might take some time to crack.
  • Will look, followed by the secret in a hexadecimal form.  Key will work just if Probability” is 100%.
  • Eliminate “:” in the key.  I.e if it is 19:04:56:77:94, the secret will be 1904567794 There are a number of different procedures to hack WiFi using Android.  Stay tuned for more tricks. 

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