Best Single Serve Coffee Makers – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For the majority of us, coffee is exactly what tastes our day.Without it, our organs simply refuse to corporate.

That is why:

It is so important to purchase the right coffee maker. Knowing that: We have dug real deep into the world of best single-serve and pod coffee manufacturers of 2017 before crafting this review.

It was not simple limiting a enormous list to this. However, the ones who made into our list would be the best in regard to good quality quality, convenience of use, durability and value.

Go through these to find out how they would earn a excellent purchase.

                                              Editor’s Top 3 Picks

                                      If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight to our top picks of 2017.

Best Value for Money                                 Best of the Best                                           Runner Up

Hamilton Beach 49981A​                               Keurig K55                                              BUNN MCU

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve

Keurig K55 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker review

BUNN MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer


Top 7 Single Serve Coffee Machines of 2017 – Reviews

Here is a quick comparison of the best single cup coffee makers we reviewed.






Keurig K55 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker review

Keurig K55

6,8 and 10 oz

48 oz

Less than a minute

 Check Price

BUNN MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer


4 to 14 oz

14 oz

42 seconds for 8 oz

Check Price

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve

Hamilton Beach 49981A

upto 14 oz

14 oz

90 seconds for 8 oz

Check Price

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Nespresso Pixie

upto 14 oz

24 oz

25-30 seconds

Check Price

Mr. Coffee Coffee Brewer BVMC-KG6-001 review

Mr. Coffee Single Serve

6,8 and 10 oz

40 oz

Less than a
minute for 6 and 8 oz

Check Price

Keurig K575 Single Serve 2.0 Brewing System review

Keurig K575

4, 6, 8, 10 and
12 oz K-cups

12, 14, 16
and 18 oz

80 oz

Less than a minute

Check Price

Keurig K15 Compact K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker review

Keurig K15

6,8 and 10

Add Fresh
water for each cup

Less than a minute

Check Price


Let us delve into the reviews of single function and bunny coffee machines of 2017 one by one. They are rated in no particular order.

 Keurig K55 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker – Best of the Best

This best-seller makes the best brew

After we crowned Keurig K55 ‘The Best’, we supposed it in every sense of this term. It’ll make you one of the finest tasting coffee that your taste buds will be grateful for.

The 48-oz water reservoir does not require regular refills, and also you may have 8, 6 or 10-oz coffee poured in just under a minute. The procedure might be a little noisy, but be rest assured that it’s well worth it.

The quality of construction is top notch too — which is anticipated.The machine is also versatile:

Allowing you to try out multiple tastes and earn anything from tea to coffee to lemonade and just plain warm water!

The single problem related to this otherwise ideal coffee maker is located in the hoses. If used excessively for two or three years, they have a tendency to escape in the very place they clamp.This, however, can be sorted out by readily available replacement hoses.

The Great

Simple and easy to use
Brews great-tasting coffee
Build quality is great
Highly versatile — may be used with multiple tastes

The Poor

A bit noisy
The hoses may stiffen over time

What is the Bottom Line?
With a best-seller badge, the Keurig K55 is a solidly built machine that will, with minimum effort, pour you mouth-watering coffee.It isn’t programmable, but that is what makes it economical. All in all, this is in reality the first option we would suggest that you buy if you are in a mad rush to work each morning.

BUNN MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer – Also Great

Do not judge a coffee manufacturer by its appearances – BUNN MCU will show you why

BUNN is famous for their industrial-looking coffee manufacturers. Even though they’re not fancy to check at, and lack the bells and whistles produced from our top pick, they will give you that perfect cup of coffee you have desired.

The multiple drawers which come with it are really just what set it apart. They’re 4 of these: and every may be used to get K-Cups, coffee pods, ground coffee and plain warm water.


The machine is simple to use. If the 14-oz water tank requires a refill, it’ll shine a reddish bulb and then head to green if it’s prepared to place to work.


Nothing can conquer its speed. A scorching 8-oz cup of coffee could be poured in the press of a button in 42 minutes maximum.This, combined with the price and taste, alone make it worth a buy.

The Great

Made to survive
Makes the speediest, brewed coffee
Simple controls make it Simple to utilize
Small footprint conserves space

The Poor

Minimalist design

 What’s the Bottom Line?
BUNN MCU Single Cup coffee brewer is a minimalist machine yet highly functional and easily affordableWe would recommend it for people running low on countertop area and looking for the quickest brewing coffee.

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve – Best for the Money

The Hamilton Beach 49981A – A Fantastic alternative to high-end brewers

If price is one of the major issues, then finish your search right here: The Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker has an ideal solution for you.

It is of course far from ideal. It’ll deliver you a warm and good-tasting standard cup of coffee in approximately 90  seconds.

It isn’t as versatile as our top pick – and also you’ll be able to use just ground coffee.

However: This does not mean that you can not customize your cup with the quantity of water and the fineness of their coffee grounds.

Cleaning and using the machine too are as easy as one two three. But its durability is what will surprise you the most. Although the warranty is only for 1 year, it’ll live far beyond it without irking you.

The most common gripe is connected to splashes once the coffee is poured into the cup. It can really be avoided if you find just the right fit.

The Great

Coffee tastes great
Permanent and efficient
Simple to wash and use

The Poor

Coffee tends to splash from this cup

What is the Bottom Line?
For budgeters, there is simply no better choice compared to Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker. It’s cheap, makes great coffee quickly and lasts long: What more would you ever ask for!

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker -Best Single Serve Espresso Maker

Packed with features and brews heavenly coffee through Nespresso capsules.

One sip of this Espresso in the Nespresso Pixie will certainly make you depart your favorite coffee shop. It generates just the right amount of lotion, hot or cold froth and odor that will get your neighbours pounding on your door to sneak a sip.

In addition to this undeniably rich flavor flavored by Nespresso capsules, the machine can brew in record time — which is generally less than half a minute. These capsules are not expensive either — adding yet another benefit to the pile.

Its quieter operation and compact body combine to create the Pixie even more attractive. You can pour coffee, rinse it clean, tuck it away – and still make it to work on time.

The build quality is high also. But, it’s only fair given that the top dollar you purchase it.

The Great

Super-fast brewing

Ultra quiet performance

Aesthetically pleasing and space-saving

High quality construction

The Poor

About the expensive side

Cleaning is a bit difficult

What is the Bottom Line?

If you want that perfect cup of espresso, cappuccino or coffee with just the right amount of cream and froth – then consider buying the Nespresso Pixie. It also build solidly enough with alloy to choose permanent residency in your kitchen.

Mr. Coffee Coffee Brewer BVMC-KG6-001

Not boastful, but straight to the point

Following is a coffee maker which seems great enough to fit right into an updated kitchen. It might not boast several flashy features – however does a perfect job at coffee making.

It may brew a fantastic many variety of drinks from coffee to tea to warm cocoa and plain warm water since it works with both K-cups and resuable coffee filters.

The best part:

It’s super simple to use with crystal-clear controls plus a 40-oz sizable reservoir. This way, it’ll require a refill just once in six cups – will most likely be a relief for coffee lovers.

You will also be given the convenience of choosing from 3 brew sizes. While it’s a fact that they all have a different brewing time, on average a cup will be prepared in only under a minute.

On the downside, this machine doesn’t have any water filter. This implies that if you’ve got hard water, you are going to need to filter it before going to get a fill.

The Great

Simple to use and brews good coffee.

Can be used with K-cups

Accommodates multiple cup sizes including travel mugs

Build quality is high

The Poor

No hard-water filter

What is the Bottom Line?

Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee-Brewer scores high because of its convenience,coffee quality, convenience and of course the seems. If these are what you have been looking for, then do not hesitate to give it a try.

Keurig K575 Single Serve 2.0 Brewing System

A top-of-the-line brewer Designed to brew top-of-the-line coffee

Keurig K575 is one of the sleekest coffee manufacturers to date. It has a colour-touch display with a digital clock which may be programmed to switch off and on automatically.

This manner: be rest assured you are able to go back to the bed-tea times!

Keurig K575 is also proud of its 5 different forms of industry’s most K-cup sizes. You can brew an entire carafe of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or specialty drinks to accommodate a horde of sudden guests:

In reality, this single-serve coffee manufacturer has come quite a ways.

But, there is one drawback we will need to tackle – This machine includes a detector which prevents it from brewing if the K-cup used isn’t a Keurig K-cup.


You are able to fool the detector! Simply cut and tape the foil lid of a Kuerig K-cup to the regular one.

Whoosh! You’re going to be ready to go!

The Great

Appears sleek and contemporary

Versatile with all the most boil sizes.

Can be programmed to begin and finish.

Extremely Fast and whisper-quiet

The Poor

High maintenance

Can’t Be used with routine K-cups

What is the Bottom Line?

With the largest reservoir, varying K-cup sizes and programmable controls, Keurig K575 is a highly recommended unit.The detector can erk you a little but for people who love the flavour of Keurig K-cups, this will not matter.After all, If you can afford it, then why not?

Keurig K15 Compact K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Do Not Allow the size fool One into thinking Significantly Less than That Which Keurig K15 offers

Never had sufficient space on your countertop for a coffee machine? Keurig K15 Single Serve Compact Coffee Maker ensures that you brew coffee even in the tiniest corner of the kitchen.

Clocking in at 10.8” H x 6.9” W x 10.7”, the footprint of this machine will actually take you by surprise.To create this size a reality, the water reservoir was taken away.

Because of this result:

You will need to add new water for every cup. This possibly convenient for a few.

But on the downside:

If you decide to create more than one cup at a time, you will need to wait until the water warms around again.


Keurig K15 comes with a removable drip tray. However, owing to its short height, even ordinary mugs have difficulty fitting beneath it.

But in contrast to the divine flavor of this coffee it brews along with the distance it saves, these are minor issues which may be overlooked.

The Great

Brews fast and tastes great

Compact enough to fit almost anywhere

Includes wheels for portability

On the quiet side

The Poor

Quite difficult to accommodate glasses

On-demand heating takes time to brew

What is the Bottom Line?

Keurig K15 is a space-saving coffee maker which will be an ideal fit for tiny apartment kitchens. It is also light in weight and also contains wheels : Thus carry it with you and brew coffee wherever you go!

That is all to our top picks of single cup coffee machines. Hope our guide will help you pick the best single serve coffee pods.

Notice: If you’re looking for a single function machine which brews traditional coffee in addition to espressos, then you need to definitely read our review on Nespresso VeruoLine. This could definitely included in our 2018’s list of single serve machines.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Single Cup Coffee Makers

If you have been watching out for a top ranked single serve coffee maker for a while, you’re where you have to be. This type of machine significantly simplifies the brewing process, so that the active coffee enthusiast can appreciate this refreshing drink in under a minute.

A coffee maker is an important purchase.The coffee you drink every single day is your lifeblood that gives you the ability to get things done. That being said, do not hurry your decision and Be Sure you consider the following attributes:


If you would like to get a new cup of coffee waiting for you when you wake up every day, a timer is precisely what you want to make that occur.


Most machines have removable reservoirs that facilitate maximum convenience. This creates the cleaning procedure much simpler.

Brew strength

Depending upon the model of your machine, you are able to customize the brew power of your drink, enabling you to prepare light or even dark cups of coffee. In terms of basic models, the brew power can be corrected by simply changing the size of this cup.

Water Filtration system

This is an uncommon feature. Nonetheless, the water that you use has a considerable impact on the taste of your daily drink.On that note, using filtered water is recommended whether the machine comes equipped with a filtration system or not.


Aside from the quality of the water, its temperature is equally as important for preparing the best brew. Even though the typical coffee drinker will not spot the differences, addicts like you and I will, especially if you prefer drinking your coffee black.

Consequently, if this attribute things to youpersonally, get a machine which enables you to customize the water temp.


Similar to any other appliance in your kitchen, single serve coffee makers come in different sizes and shapes.If your counter area is minimal, you will find space-effective machines designated only for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could I prepare different drinks with a single serve coffee maker?
Yes; however, this will depend entirely upon the capsule variety available to your machine you become. If this feature things to you, be sure to consider the diversity of capsules compatible with all the coffee maker.

Just how much can a single serve coffee maker price?
Typically, it is dependent upon the qualities of this machine. As a rule of thumb, K-Cups would be the most inexpensive disposable coffee pods. Additionally, expensive does not necessarily equivalent high-quality.

Just how much do capsules price?
Be certain that you shop around to find a hint of what you will pay every drink. Bear in mind that buying in bulk can aid you to save money.

How quickly does one single serve coffee maker brew a cup?
If you are not the patient kind of coffee drinker — that is, actually? This also depends upon the machine. But a suitable brew may require up to 45 minutes. It’s well worth the wait if the result is as expected.

Can one single serve coffee maker have different brew power options?
This is a fairly nice feature I personally like having. It’s also helpful if you like drinking a particular kind of coffee, but you would rather change its strength depending upon your taste — that the darker, the better.

To benefit from this feature, the machine needs to have a massive water storage space from which the manufacturer could determine the total amount of water employed for a single cup.

Some Final Words

We hope that this brief buying guide was useful.Without a doubt, nothing is better than starting your day off with a quick and aromatic brew.

If you have additional questions on this topic, you are able to address them, as normal, in the comment section below.Until next time!


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