Best Portable Ice Makers For Home And Camping Use Reviews Of 2017-2018

The best portable ice makers can certainly help the ice making process in your house more convenient than it has ever been in the past.

With the atmosphere of our contemporary society, where everything is fast-paced, and where we want everything to be on the go, it is lucky that our technology has improved when it comes to making ice.

Portable ice makers are the perfect tool that can be placed on your kitchen counter top. These ice makers are the fastest and the smallest ice makers on the market producing a bullet shape ice with its cloudy, opaque appearance. But if you want more choices then best under-counter ice maker is an option as well.

This appliance only takes 10 minutes to create your ice and would be the perfect solution if you’re always on the rush. Portable ice makers are the solution when you don’t have all the time in the world to make the ice for your drinks.

The charm of portable ice machine is not only dependent on its speed and handiness. It is also seen on its convenience. As with these portable ice makers, you can enjoy a nice cold drink anywhere you want – while boating, camping, or simply out on a leisure drive.

These small but extremely useful portable ice makers can simply blow away the heat with their small, fast, and wonderfully convenient features.

Top 5 Residential Portable Ice Machines Reviews

Unsure which ice machine to purchase? Look at these 5 ice machines which represent the best available in the marketplace.

Edge Star Titanium



A ice machine has to be streamlined and not occupy too much space. This Edge Star Titanium has done it right. This mobile ice machine made by Edge Star has a size and a trendy appearance.

With this Edge Star Titanium, you can rid yourself of these pesky and ice trays, as this one might do the task of these ice trays while remaining clean. Owing to its size, it is possible to set and bring this ice machine anyplace you would like.

Like any other item, this portable ice maker takes away the time in making ice via the fridge and ice tray approach. With only an average of 10 minutes, you can have your ready-to-serve ice with no problems.

Your ice making may be done with only the simple touch of buttons. There is no procedure or some understanding of skills necessary to function as ice manufacturers, as this Edge Star Titanium has simple touch sensitive controls which is simple to operate. With the controllers, you can easily turn your unit on/off and select the ice size.

Additionally this unit has the ability to create 28 pounds. Of ice cubes on a single day. It also gives you the ability to opt for the ice sizes involving small, medium, and large that it may suit your needs conveniently.

The storage bin of this Edge Star Titanium is equipped to hold 2.5 pounds. Of ice at one time. Since the storage bin is well insulated, you may rest ensured that your ice is crisp, cold, and not melted when functioned.Another quality of this portable ice machine that one ought to take note of is its innovative water-use design. This mobile ice making unit of Edge Star gets the brilliant characteristic of re-using the water out of unused melted ice hockey by storing it back to the water tank. This usually means that you’re in a position to conserve your time and water sources. This unit doesn’t require installation and a drainage system.

Another part of this product is that this Edge Star Titanium is compact, lightweight, and easy to transfer. Meaning that this item is a wonderful companion for the RVs, cabins, boats, outings, and outdoor parties.

EdgeStar Stainless Steel

Whenever you’re looking for the best, highly recommended and well-reputed mobile ice maker, this Edge Star Stainless Steel would be the perfect choice for you. This item is yet again another superb product of Edge Star. This unit can give you ice when you need it.

With just a look, you can visualize the course and quality that will come with its performance. Its finish is created from commercial-grade stainless steel and is designed to look sleek and modern, and elegantly capable. With its edgy and cold appearance, you know that this one will be able to answer all your ice making demands. You are going to make sure that this portable ice machine, with its attractive design, will suit your modern kitchen décor making.

10 minutes. No trays, no fridge space, no messy clutters; only 10 minutes and this mobile ice machine will give your ready-to-serve ice immediately.

In a single day, this amazing product from Edge Star can create 28 lbs. Of cold bullet-shaped ice that is perfect to your needs. One more thing is that this Edge Star Stainless Steel comes with an integrated storage bin that is well-insulated to shield your ice from heat and retain its crisp and coldness. The storage bin is in a position to hold 2 lbs. Of time at a time. Until the storage bin is complete, there may be continuous ice making activity from your ice machine.

This merchandise of Edge Star also has a water reservoir that is able to store a gallon of water. That means you could generate a gallon worth of ice without the need to constantly refill the water tank each and every time that the ice machine creates icehockey. Also, this unit doesn’t need any installation and drain for it to operate.

This unit is ideal to bring anywhere since it is compact and lightweight.

EdgeStar Large Capacity Portable Stainless Steel


This edgy and sleek-looking ice-making machine is not a simple mobile ice maker, since it has a bigger ice making capacity in contrast to the usual.

With a capacity of making 48 lbs of cold ice over a single day, this Edge Star Large Capacity Portable Stainless Steel will definitely give you sufficient ice to the day. This ice machine also enables you to pick out of three sizes: small, medium, big — to satisfy your requirements more conveniently. The time required to generate the first batch of ice is simply a brief of 10 minutes.

Since it is mobile, it does not have any requirement for installation or drain. What’s more, operating the unit requires no complexity in any way. The controls are relatively simple to comprehend. It also gives you the ability to monitor its standing with its LCD control panel and display. Meaning you may really see in the panel just how much time is left until ice is served or if the water tank needs refilling.

Additionally, this merchandise from Edge Star is streamlined and lightweight, despite the massive capacity. Therefore, this one is ideal for RVs, outdoors, little kitchens, or anywhere else, so long as there is an outlet.This model of Edge Star has yet another wise feature that might actually capture your attention. And this means that you can make ice just once you require it, since it is possible to plan your ice manufacturer to begin and finish its ice making activities at a certain time that you would like.

This product features an innovative water-use design which truly makes it possible to conserve your own water sources. When you have got ice that is fresh and has pumped into pools of water, then this attribute would really make that pool of water traveling back into the water tank to be used again later in the ice-making activity.Another excellent aspect of this item is its self-cleaning characteristic. This feature also ensures that you will have a proper maintenance to your ice maker, which means it’s possible to enjoy your quality ice for more extended period of decades.

EdgeStar Red Portable


Pesky and cluttered ice trays? If you do not desire it, then simply don’t have it. Just take this elegant and elegant looking mobile ice manufacturer of Edge Star instead. This attractive product is a great companion of if you need quick and effortless ice without the space consuming, bulky built-in ice manufacturers.

This Edge Star Red Portable will deliver your ice quickly. In only 10 minutes, you would have your drinks being chilled by bullet shaped icehockey. In 10 minutes, you would have your ice prepared to function. This merchandise from Edge Star has the capacity of producing 28 pounds. Of ice about a single day and may hold 2.5 pounds. Of ice about its storage bin.

This is done to make certain that you would get your ice crisp and cold like you need it.Much like how it seems — reliable and capable, this Edge Star Red Portable enables you to pick 3 ice sizes to make: small, medium, big. This is done to accommodate your requirements for your specific convenience. Meaning there is not any need to phone to your licensed plumber simply to get your product up and running.

Like any other solution, this unit requires little maintenance to keep it on the top form and make the quality performance.Since it is mobile, it is likewise simple. With its touch-sensitive controller, you can run this one easily. With only a push of this button onto its controllers, you can initiate the ice making activities of your machine. It is also relatively simple to find out which button does what, since it is design to be intuitive and informative.It also owns an innovative water-use design that makes it possible to conserve your own water sources.

This attribute means that the unused water in the melted ice is put back into the water reservoir and is on standby until the following ice making activity. It also helps you with all the refilling since you don’t have to refill it that much anymore. As it is light and easy to carry, it is ideal to bring everywhere.

Things to Look for in a Fantastic Portable Ice Maker?

You better admit that whenever you’re looking for a mobile ice machine, there are a lot of models and a lot of qualities that will give you a tough time choosing one. So, below are a few features that we urge you to specifically check if you are looking for a fantastic mobile ice machine.

Simple to install

A excellent mobile ice machine ought to be simple to install: the fewer the complications, the better, especially since you would like to create everything quickly and simple.

The typical ice manufacturers can create your cold ice in a period of minutes since ice manufacturers are basically designed to accomplish this. If it goes past minutes, then you might want to rethink your choice.

Smart sufficient to alarm you

An ice machine which alerts you if your ice is prepared is an excellent one.


You’re looking for a mobile ice machine; and in this scenario, mobile means easy. It is much better to decide on an easy-to-carry ice machine which you could stow away if you are outside for a trip.

Simple to operate

You do not wish to complicate things when you are rushing out.

With all the information previously, I think you may finally pick the best mobile ice maker which suits you and your family.

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