Argentine Music

Argentine Music

Brief Introduction of Argentine Music

The most famous music from Argentina is without a doubtTango.It is the dancing style of Buenos Aires and it is danced at weddings and other special events. It is an entertaining and lively music which contains a lot of syncopation, twirls and stands. In addition to the dancing, Tango is an important part of the culture of Buenos Aires. Some of the famous Tango musicians are Plácido Argentina Suárê, Argentina Suave, a double act, Susana Baca, Justa Rodolfo and Breaking Encofut, Boge DeCampo and Ernesto de la Pinte. As time moved on, the style of Tango changed. The Buenos Aires Tango scene became more and more popular. During the 1960s and 1970s, the daily life of Tango musicians became more and more bears the characteristics of a notorious art form.

Amongst the different musical forms which grew in the 60s and 1970s, Tango was one of the most forbidden. It is too tame, too orientated towards the women and too conventional. Because of this very reason, Buenos Aires Tango performers are very scarce. The one who remains usually plays the role of Tangoine, the house master. He interact with the audience, addresses them and entertain them. He is the one who makes the rules. The one who breaks them is the boss who puts them in jail. สล็อตเว็บตรง

How did Argentine music and culture managed to escape the fate of so many other South American cultures?

Well, Buenos Aires Tango is very close to the heart of Buenos Aires. It is one of the symbols of Buenos Aires. I would say that is why we called it the tango. Perhaps it is because a lot of people from this city are tied to this genre of music. This is true in the sense that a lot of the Tango acts nowadays don’t really know how to dance tango, like we saw in the Planetario scene. Some of them don’t even know the way to make the internal rhythm of the music, which makes it impossible to be part of the working scene.Argentine Music

If you want to experience the real tango, if you want to dance tango, you need to be invited to one of the dances (there are many) in the Casabacks. The point is that it is the house that makes the rules, not so much the artist. As a result doesn’t really make much sense being in a bad mood, to feel that you can express yourself, to dance as crazy as you want without being a slave. That simply is tango, that strange and extraordinary dance. Truly, tango is the one and only dance that makes alluring and incredible music.Argentine Music

That is why we specially recommend the following dances for anyone who wants to experience all that is Tango: La Bamba, Macarena, Bossa Bamba, Salsa, Mambo, indoors and outdoors.ARSOCO is the best vampire (lover) Tango. In fact,ARIES is the best Tango stock (product) by the way. Macaranga is the one and only tango (carnal) that everyone talks about. It’s unique, sophisticated and seductive dance. Jaguar, Guitarra and Mambo are the three most popular and well-known forms of tango. For lovers of dance and music, everything about Tango is exciting.Argentine Music

Although classified as Salsa, Macaranga has a lot of Latin feeling in it. You can use the same name for your Dance Planner.Argentine Music

Macaranga is the perfect ignite to free your inner Salsa dancer. Macaranga is a lot of fun and full of Latin feeling. You can dance the Macaranga during the lighter and slower moods. The Macaranga is the perfect song to express your Salsa Vida.Argentine Music

The following dance ideas will help you to discover more and inspire you to create your own variation:Argentine Music

Bongrain – this is a Spanish term that describes the moments of Rain that falls so softly, yet heavily that covers everything… You feel like you are flying against the world when you experience bongrain… Dances like if you were surprised by a strong tapas effect, this Spanish term describes the moments of silence that follow…

Hip hop – when you experience the smooth longing for hip hop, you may have possibly felt that all the girls are on top… This is highly the case when you experience the intense atmosphere of a club.Argentine Music

Salsa – experience the Spanish feeling, this Spanish term describes the steady rhythm of the music that you experience before… When you experience salsa the music may change without completely stagnating.Argentine Music

Merengue – experience the lively Salsa music when you night stand with your eyes uncovered and your head jerking… Does it sound exciting?Argentine Music


Argentine Music