Chase Bank Routing Numbers-All USA States

Founded in 1799, Chase bank presently is a consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of multinational JP Morgan Chase banking corporation. Chase bank is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. This bank operates more than 5 100 branches and 16 100 ATMs in the US. Also Chase bank has its affiliate branches in 85 countries throughout the world. Nowadays more than 260 thousand employees work for this bank. By now Chase bank is one of the largest banks in the United States with its assets worth $2.509 trillion. For 2009 bank’s total revenue was more than $58 billion while the net income was $857 million. Chase bank possesses Retail Financial Services, Commercial Banking and Card Services divisions.

Chase routing number is placed on the bottom left side of the voided check along with the bank customer’s checking account number and the check number. This routing number consists of nine digits surrounded by ,: ,: signs. Federal Reserve Banks and Automated Clearing House use these routing numbers for Fedwire funds transfers, funds direct deposits and some other automated money transfer operations. If chase tx routing number written on deposit slip does not coincide with the one on a voided check, you should contact the bank or visit the bank’s branch nearest to your location to obtain the correct information there.  Here is a list of chase routing numbers for US states:

Chase Bank Routing Numbers List

StateChase Routing Number
Arizona               122100024
California            322271627
Colorado 102001017
Connecticut        21100361
Florida                  267084131
Georgia              61092387
Idaho                123271978
Illinois             71000013
Indiana               74000010
Kentucky              83000137
Louisiana             6540013
Michigan              72000326
Nevada                322271627
New Jersey            21202337
New York – Downstate  21000021
New York – Upstate   22300173
Ohio                 44000037
Oklahoma              103000648
Oregon                    325070760
Texas                      111000614
Utah                        124001545
Washington          325070760
West Virginia        51900366

U.S. banks showed record high revenue

According to FDIC total revenue of US banks for the second quarter of 2013 appeared to be record high. The amount of total revenue reached $42.2 billion. Such dynamics was stimulated by a process of banks credit portfolio growth and assets quality improvement.

The largest US bank by the size of its total assets – JP Morgan Chase reported a growth in its revenue for the reporting period by 31% to $6.5 billion. Citigroup’s revenue which is one of the three largest bank holding companies in the US grew by 42%. The total revenue of Bank of America – the second largest US bank by the size of its assets grew by 63% for the discussed second quarter.

FDIC quarterly report proves the fact of recovery of the banking sector which was receiving government aid and bailouts for five years.

Trends which were recorded in the last quarters of last year (2012) continue in the second quarter of this year (2013). Revival of the financial sector has lasted for more than three years already. The number of profitable institutes is on the increase and a further decrease in number of banks with financial problems or bankruptcies is evident.

The largest U.S. banks spent more than $100 billion for legal fees

According to Bloomberg agency report in a period from 2008 to 2013 six largest US banks had to spend $103 billion for various damage reimbursement cases and settlements of judicial claims.  According to this report the following banks are involved: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. The agency explained that during their research all legal and litigation fees, lawyers’ charges and compensation payments were calculated and taken into account. The agency notes that out of $103 billion of legal charges $56 billion was spent on court hearings and the remaining share went on compensation to investors for wrong actions from operations with mortgage securities.

The Banks that suffered the greatest losses according to the agency are JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America that spent up to 75% of the above mentioned litigation charges. JP Morgan Chase had to spend $21.3 billion and to allocate over $8 billion more for various possible future compensations for claims concerning wrong operations with mortgage securities. In addition on August 28, 2013 it was announced that one more claim was brought against this bank by US authorities. They demand that JP Morgan Chase pay $6 billion in penalty for settlement of their case concerning the sale of risky securities to the mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by this bank. This research also showed that the expenses of the banks’ legal proceedings and compensations grew by 40% from the beginning of 2012.  Experts of agency linked this with the growth in quantity of the claims brought by the regulators and individual customers.

Analysts note that the sum of $103 billion exceeds the aggregate net income of all six banks in 2012 and the total dividends paid out by these banks for the last five years period. Moreover imagine that in 2012 six largest US banks earned a total revenue of $59.5 billion in 2012 and since 2007 $98.6 billion of payments have been allocated to their shareholders.

We have listed all the available Chase Bank Routing Numbers from all the states from United States Of America.If any changes made or if we get any update regarding changes in Chase Bank Routing Numbers we will update them here immediately and notify you.