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Why MyHoneyBakedFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey??

A number of customers visit Honey baked Ham daily and it is the responsibility of the Company to meet the expectations and desire of their customers. This is the reason that’s why the company offers MyHoneyBakedFeedback. So, everyone who has recently visited Honey baked Ham should participate in this MyHoneyBakedFeedback Survey (by Honey baked Ham) because this survey offers reward program, gift card and many more offers.


Rules and Requirements @MyHoneyBakedFeedback Survey

Every Survey have some of its own rules and regulations. For this MyHoneyBakedFeedback Survey, the desired prerequisites and rules are written below:

  1. An Electronic Device : As this survey is conducted online, the participant must have an electronic device. The device can be a laptop, a Pc or a mobile phone with internet access. You must choose the device which can access good internet that will help you to complete the survey quickly.
  2. Age Criteria : To participate in this survey, your age must be 18 years or more. So, if you are 18 or more than 18, then only you can be a part of this survey.
  3. Honey Baked Restaurant : The most important thing that you will require in this survey is the Honey Baked Restaurant’s valid receipt. Keep your receipt handy and use the code from it. Carry the receipt on your next visit. Note that you can use the receipt code only once on your one purchase.
  4. Language Preference : The preferred languages for this survey are English and Spanish. You must be aware of at least one of these two languages, i.e., English or Spanish in order to complete the survey successfully.
  5. Citizenship : Generally, the users must be a citizen of United States, United Kingdom, or Canada residential.

How to Complete MyHoneyBakedFeedback Customer Survey?

  • Follow the below steps for MyHoneyBaked Survey.
  • Open any of your browsers and visit the official survey site @www.survey.myhoneybakedfeedback.com.
  • You will be directed to the page where you have to input the receipt code.
  • Select the language according to your preference.
  • The customers will be asked to rate their most recent visit and choose from option ranging from satisfied to dissatisfied.
  • Then the users will be asked to rate the quality, service and the varieties from his last visit.
  • Users will be asked about the interior, environment, and cleanliness as well as attitude of the staff members they experienced.
  • You can list down any problems, issues or concerns that you faced during the visit.
  • Questions regarding the quality and services provided are needed to be answered in the survey. (Try to recall your visit and answer all these questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge)
  • The users will get a chance to win a prize that is Free Validation Code to Redeem an Offer.

NOTE: In the end, you will receive a validation code which is to be noted and to be showed up on your next visit to any of the staff members to finally redeem your reward.

Honey Baked Survey focuses on:

  • The overall Satisfaction of their Customers.
  • The quality of food they are providing to their customers.
  • The Freshness and availability of food.
  • Variety of different recipes available.
  • How easy to locate the food you are looking for.
  • Cleanliness and location of Honey Baked Restaurant.
  • How often you visited Honey Baked Restaurant for a month or weak.
  • Would you like to recommend your friends to also visit Honey Baked Restaurant?


Honey Baked Ham rewards customers who take the survey, so you are eligible for some useful prizes after you complete the survey. At the end of the survey, you will get a validation code that you should write down on your receipt. This can then be redeemed as a coupon at your next visit to a Honey Baked Ham. Each individual location can choose the precise promotion that they want to offer to survey takers. Typically, the reward is $5 off a purchase of $25 or more, but it can sometimes be a free menu item with the purchase of a meal.

The participant can even win the free visit with food pizza and many more to complete services. Some services and brand offers $100 to 1000$ just for finish customer satisfaction survey.

About Honey Baked

The Honey Baked Ham Company is a food retailer which sells hams, turkey breasts and other pre-cooked entrées, side dishes, and desserts. It was founded in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan, and its headquarters is in Alpharetta, Georgia. Honey Baked Ham has around 400 locations across America and it’s well-known for selling tasty hams, turkey breasts and other pre-cooked entrées, side dishes, and desserts.

Honey Baked Ham Contact Details

Phone Numbers:

  • 1.866.492.HAMS (866-492-4267)
  • Customer Care: 1.800.367.7720
  • Customer Care: 1.800.854.5995 (California Residents)

Useful Links:

  • Survey Link: www.myhoneybakedfeedback.com
  • Official Link: honeybaked.com

Survey Management Group Address:

  • SMG Privacy Office, 1737 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO, 64108


Nowadays almost every brand and company want to know their customer’s feedback to improve their product and services and this is possible only when real people and their customer give feedback about their services and product. In this way the company can improve the quality of the product and can also raise the standard of the company as per the demands of the customers. Moreover, in this way company also shows a thanks giving gesture to its customers and thus can provide best service.

MyWmTotalRewards Login Guide

Waste management is a United States based company which was founded in 1984. The company is specialized  in making available waste management services to about 20 million North American residential, industrial and  a municipal customers with a workforce of over 45,000 employees. Waste management is basically a type of movement which is joined by people to keep the environment of city clean and healthy and by doing so people are being getting rewarded with some benefits and rewards. Waste management is one of the largest solution provider for keeping the environment clean and keeping it healthy. Waste management is getting practiced in North America since very long. It have been recognised that waste management are serving their services for more than 21 million industrial, commercial and municipal sectors. Waste management have invested highly advanced system for making the best solution to develop waste management system so as to change the environment and making it a better place to live and also helping people to keep their surroundings keep clean, healthy and hygienic.

Waste management focuses mainly on recycling the waste materials instead of throwing them away. The company is also helping their customers by providing them suitable counselling sessions with the motive to achieve zero wastage management.

For becoming a part of waste management program one is required to get registered with their official website.

MyWmTotalRewards Total Rewards Account online:

For reward system waste management have created the website to provide easy access to their employees who wants to participate in the reward system called MyWmTotalRewards. One can get registered with waste management online at www.mywmtotalrewards.com. Participating in this great mission of waste management is providing one to get significant rewards and benefits.

If the person is an employee of waste management then the person is required to get registered with site so as to get all the facilities of Human resources. This online process is helping the employees of waste management to stay connected with the Human resources branch and to stay updated about the upcoming policies related to HR. And after getting registered with the site person will get automatically alerts about new updates of the policies.

If the person is a staff member of MyWmTotalRewards then he/ she will be granted access to the beneficial information very quickly and easily. The member will be getting information about their health plan, payroll processors and the mutual fund administration on the site www.mytotalrewards.com.

MyWmTotalRewards Employees benefits:

  • Waste management are offering their employees competitive wages and benefits which includes benefits like medical, dental and prescription coverage.
  • The company is also offering legal benefits to their employees like flexible spending account, paid vacation, employees discounts.
  • Company is providing full cost of coverage to their employees like medical and dental cost.
  • Company is having a “get well guide” which is a group of nurses and coaches who is helping the employees and there respective families for getting access to the help that they might need for a variety of life challenges.
  • There is also an employee stock purchase plan which is providing the employees opportunity of buying shares of waste management common stock at the discount of 15%.

Who is eligible for MyWmTotalRewards?

Only the employees of the waste management are eligible for the total reward that the company is offering at mywmtotalrewards.com.

Requirements For MyWmTotalRewards Registration:

  • First thing required for registration in waste management total reward is a device that can be a computer/ laptop or an iPad.
  • Now for accessing the site it is mandatory to have a good internet or wifi connection associated with the device.
  • Social security number (SSN) is also needed because at time of registration the site will be asking last four digits of SSN. The social service number (SSN) will be used to verify the identity so as to make sure that the person is eligible for this MyWmTotalRewards system or not.
  • And the date of birth is also required.

Registration Process Of MyWmTotalRewards:

  • Firstly visit to the site of waste management at http://www.mywmtotalrewards.com/.
  • If the person is not an employee of waste management then he/ she is required to click on “register as a new user”.
  • Now the user is required to enter the last four digits of the social security number (SSN) and date of birth as well. This is required to fill for the personal identification. When done with this click on “continue” button.
  • Now person is required to create user ID.
  • Next follow the rest of direction so as to complete the process of registration.

After getting registered one is allowed to access his/ her account 24×7 but required a good internet connection.

Steps To Login MyWmTotalRewards Account :

After getting registered one has to get login with all the credentials through which one will be able to access the reward program. But in case if the person is a Canadian employee then he/ she is required click on the link which is just for Canada. There are simple steps for logging in:

  • The first step is to visit the official site of waste management at mywmtotalrewards.com through the browser.
  • After visiting to the site the homepage will appear where one may proceed with the login process.
  • Now the screen will ask the user to enter his/ her User ID and password, fill these credentials in the provided space.
  • After entering all these details one is successfully logged in to his/ her account and can access all their rewards.


The MyWmTotalRewards is not for making profits. It is just a way to give back the employees of waste management for their good jobs. For enrolling in this program is very easy for the employee, they are just required to add their personal, contact and employment details. The site is very secure to keep the personal and other data safe. Indeed this program is for social and environmental welfare only. By creating account on the site the employee will be able to get many MyWmTotalRewards and benefits like payment of bills online and much more from www.mywmtotalrewards.com

MyGiftCardsite.com Login – My Gift Card site Balance Check

My gift card is also known as prepaid stored value money card which can be used as an alternative to cash. Instead of using cash for purchases, one is allowed to use these gift cards. There are different types of gift cards available like Visa prepaid gift card, Master prepaid gift and any other retail gift card. Prepaid gift cards are having one of the highest ranking website on the internet which is selling gift cards to different large corporate retailers and small business as well which is including retailers like Amazon, Best buy. The time when card is used, automatically the purchase amount will be deducted from card. On each purchase through gift card, giftcard.com is donating to the American cancer society. It is not allowed for anyone to use these gift cards for any illegal transaction. For checking Balance, card statements and many other services one is required to get registered with mygiftcardsite.com.

Features of MyGiftCardsite:

  1. Worldwide acceptance: Master card from MyGiftCardsite can be used anywhere across the world and anytime for making payments to purchase.
  2. A personal touch: One is also allowed to personalize his/ her master card with photos, recipient’s name or a message whatever the user wishes.
  3. Disposed: When the amount of card is exhausted the card will be disposed by MyGiftCardsite itself.
  4. Uses: visa and MasterCard can be used for purchasing different items at various locations.
  5. Amount of money: The gift card are having a fixed amount of money, the money will be deducted after purchasing from gift card.
  6. Expiry date: The gift cards from MyGiftCardsite are also having an expiry date which will be printed on the card itself as other cards too have, the cards are valid or active till the date of expiry.


MyGiftCardsite Registration Process:

For accessing the card features and services one is required to register the card online. Through which the user can check the balance of account, transaction history, card statements etc.

  • Firstly open the browser and visit to the official website of MyGiftCardsite i.e, Giftcards.com.
  • Then enter the card number and the security code of card in the required fields.
  • And also enter the captcha as it gets displays.
  • After entering all such details proceed to the card registration. Once card gets registered the user can use it for buying things online and by logging in easily the services and features can be accessed.

Steps To Access MyGiftCardsite Statements:

For accessing the statement of card one is required to simply follow the following steps:

  • Open the browser and visit to the site at mygiftcardsite.com.
  • Now enter the details required like card number and the security code of the gift card.
  • Now click on the “login” button for getting successfully logged in.
  • Now click on the option of “card statement” so as to get access on the card statement from MyGiftCardsite.

How MyGiftCardsite works?

  • Purchase: The card can be purchased online, stores, banks and in the variety of other places. If one wants to get a personalized gift card then he/ she is required to order it online, but it is time consuming and will take some time. In case a person wants to get his/ her gift card immediately then the user is required to buy the card from stores. And when a user wants the card at lower activation fee then he/ she needs to apply at Giftcards.com.
  • Activation: For activating the gift card one is required to have the gift card account number and the Card Verification Number (CVN) itself for the card. Gift card account number is the 16 digits number that will be present on the card and Card Verification Number (CVN) will be available at the back side of card.

There are two different ways for activating MyGiftCardsite account

  • One can activate his/ her card by the website of supplier, where one is required to enter 16 digit account number and CVN to activate the card.
  • And secondly the user can call supplier’s card activation service through Interactive voice response in which a computer will provide the user for entering the 16 digit card number and CVN.

Initial Balance on MyGiftCardsite:

After activation of card one is required to know the initial Balance of his/ her card before using and for tracking the remaining balance after purchasing. It is very simple to check the balance of gift card and it is not time consuming, it will take just few minutes to check the balance.

There is a very simple process for checking the balance and steps are mentioned below:

  • Visit to the site of Giftcard.com.
  • Then enter 16 digit card number in the particular spacebar.
  • Now enter 6 digit security code.
  • After entering all these details the user can now check the balance and the transaction history of the card.
  • Gift cards can be won by participating in the at https://newgenesolutions.com/myshoprite-experience-survey/

Balance of account can be checked in three different ways:

  • One can check the balance by simply calling at customer service number 1-888-716-7994. The number is available 24×7 but one is required to be ready with all the details.
  • Balance can be checked also by Visiting to the store and showing his/ her gift card to the sales associate. Transaction history and balance can be checked.
  • And thirdly the balance can be also checked online by visiting to mygiftcardsite.com and entering required details in specific fields.

 Lost My Gift Card:

If one has mistakenly lost his/ her gift card or have been stolen by someone, then MyGiftCard site user is allowed to get new gift card, activation receipt or the payment receipt. Getting gift card replaced without any information of cards will be difficult. 24×7 customer services have been provided to the user by calling at 866-952-5653. For replacing the card charges are getting being applied, they will ask the user to pay $5.9 and also some personal details will be also asked. And the new gift card will be issued in 30 days.

For More Information:

To know more information about MyGiftCardsite and for staying updated one can visit to the website giftcard.com or can call to the customer service number 1-866-952-5653 toll free.

www.lamadeleinefeedback.com – la Madeleine Survey

La Madeleine de Corps, Inc. Is known as La Madeleine, it a restaurant chain of United States in states of North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Virginia. La Madeleine was founded in February 1983 by Patrick Esquerré.

La Madeleine is headquartered in Dollas, Texas, United States and as of 2018 they are having there restaurant or cafes in 86 locations. They are serving there customers varieties of sandwiches, salads, and soups.

La Madeleine are serving best to their customers and at the same time they are offering there customers to provide their valuable feedbacks and suggestions towards their company through a survey named La Madeleine feedback survey which is available at www.lamadeleinefeedback.com.  La Madeleine always loves to hear there customers and that’s why they have launched this La Madeleine Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Benefits From la Madeleine Feedback:

  • The company gets to know about that are there customers satisfied or dissatisfied.
  • Feedbacks of the customers is helping the restaurant that where they are required to bring changes in their product or services so as improve themselves.
  • And the www.lamadeleinefeedback.com is also providing an opportunity to the customers to win free meal in there next visit.

La Madeleine Customer Satisfaction Survey:

In the La Madeleine Customer Satisfaction Survey the customer are sharing their experience about his/ her visit to the restaurant. One has to simply share his/ her feedback about the food served and services that have been delivered to them while there visit to the La Madeleine. At the end of the survey the customers are getting a validation code to redeem the offer printed on the receipt for giving there valuable time to the La Madeleine Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The survey is very important for La Madeleine because it is working as tool for the restaurant to measure the satisfaction level of there customers and it is helping them to fulfill all the expectations of the customers. Just genuine and honest feedback are required to know that how company can improve their services.

Survey is available and can be done at www.lamadeleinefeedback.com

Which is including questions like:

  • Satisfaction level of the customers during their recent visit to the restaurant.
  • Quality of product and services.
  • Pricing and quantity of food.
  • Behaviour of staff towards customers.
  • Cleanliness of the outlet.

La Madeleine Feedback Requirements:

For one to be a part of survey at www.lamadeleinefeedback.com.There are compulsory requirements which have been mentioned below:

  • A device like computer/ laptop or smartphone as the survey is available in both versions of site i.e. at computer version and mobile version as well.
  • Next a good internet connection is required to access the site, it is not possible for one to access the site without internet.
  • A valid receipt of La Madeleine from recent visit with a survey invitation.
  • Basic knowledge of English language.

Steps involved In La Madeleine Survey:

  • Firstly one has to visit the page at lamadeleinefeedback.com in order to get access on the survey.
  • Now next on the page La Madeleine one is required to enter the 15 digit La Madeleine survey access code and the time of visit to La Madeleine which will be provided on the receipt itself and then click “enter”. After which one has to select the time of visit and click on the “next” button.
  • Then a page will appear which will be asking certain questions relating to the overall satisfaction, pricing and quantity of menu items, freshness of food, behaviour of staff members and many more. The user is required to answer all the questions honestly and best of their knowledge then click on “next” button.
  • After which the user will be asked his/ her personal details like full name, telephone number, residential address, email address.
  • Now after providing all personal details click on “next”, then a page will appear with a thank you message and a validation code will be given to the user.
  • Note down this validation code and the user can win a free meal on his/ her next visit to La Madeleine restaurant.

La Madeleine Feedback Survey Rules:

There are certain rules which are mandatory to be followed by the user while taking the La Madeleine feedback survey:

  • The person who is a legal resident of America only he/ she is allowed to participate in La Madeleine Feedback.
  • The age of participant must be 18 or above, below people of 18 are not allowed to take the survey.
  • The prize received cannot be transferred and substitution of prize is also not allowed.
  • The survey access code of receipt can be used only once i.e. only one La Madeleine Feedback can be given through one survey access code.
  • The offer can be redeemed within the 30 days of purchase. And only one is allowed in one visit.

Entry Period Into La Madeleine Feedback Survey:

The user can enter for taking the survey anytime and the survey is starting from January 1 and ends every year at 31st December. Survey is available to the user 24×7 but for taking La Madeleine Feedback the user is required to have a survey invitation.

La Madeleine Restaurant Contact Information:

In case the user is having any problems or queries with la Madeleine then they are required to call directly at +32 (0)26584861, Chip Harding (207) 384-5846. Users are also allowed to write to la Madeleine online and offline as well, they can share there problems online at info@lamadeleine.info and offline they are required to send mail at address Box 206 South Berwick, ME 03908.


La Madeleine has came up with la Madeleine feedback survey which offers the customers to give their valuable feedback and suggestions regarding the quality of food and services. The survey have been basically composed to collect the suggestions and feedbacks resulting to provide the customer with a new and an improved experience of eating. The survey is available at www.lamadeleinefeedback.com. There are certain rules also which are mandatory to be followed by the users. But there are few requirements also for taking the survey, which a user is required to fulfill and follow all the steps of survey to win validation code and that can be used to redeem for free meal in his/ her next visit. But the validation code needs to be redeemed within 30 days of the date of receipt.

Whataburger Experience Survey


Whataburger is a fast food restaurant chain in America which is held privately, who are specialized in hamburgers and that is based in San Antonio, Texas. Whataburger was founded by Harmon Dobsan which was first opened in 1950. The chain is operated by Dobsan family along with the 25 more franchises. Whataburger are having more than 805 outlets across the south-eastern and south-western region of united states. Whataburger was known for many years for their distinct appearance as a orange and white striped roofed building and now it is nothing but just a historical landmark.

And so as to measure the satisfaction of their consumers Whataburger has created an online portal in which the customers are allowed to participate and give their feedback regarding the company. Whataburger Experience Survey is helping the company to get to know what are their customers expectations and needs from them. The Survey also tells that what is the satisfaction level of their consumers and where are needed to add things and what kind things so as maximise the satisfaction level and their earrings as well.

Whataburger experience survey:

Whataburger experience survey is conducted by Whataburger online at their official site i.e. www.whataburgersurvey.com. The Survey is including certain questions which are to be answered by the customers. And this can completed in few minutes only, it does not consumes more time and at the end of the Whataburger Experience Survey, the customers are also getting rewarded. The feedback of the customers are used for improving the products and services of the company so as to provide the best experience and to maximize satisfaction of their customers. But one has to fulfil the eligibility criteria before starting the survey.

Eligibility Criteria & Rules For Whataburger Experience Survey:

One is required to be eligible for the survey only then the customer can be allowed to take participation in the Whataburger experience survey.

  • The person should be a legal and a permanent resident of the United States.
  • Customer must have attained the age of 18, person below 18 is not allowed to participate.
  • It is mandatory that the person should have the purchase receipt with them of there recent visit for which the participant must have visited the store.
  • The participant must have a printed Whataburger Experience Survey code on his/ her purchase slip. Because it will be used to start the survey and the code should have to be used within one week of the purchase.
  • One customer is allowed to take the survey only one time from one receipt.
  • The participants are required to provide the store their contact details.

Requirements For Whataburger Experience Survey:

So as to participate in the survey the user is required to have some requisites with them.

  • First thing required is a device like computer or laptop or the smartphone be required and which must have a good internet and wifi connectivity access, as the Whataburger Experience Survey is done online. The site is also having a computer version and as well as the mobile version for their site.
  • To start the survey the user is required to have a purchase receipt from Whataburger store as it will be providing the survey code number, and that code is required so as to start the survey.
  • But it must be noted that the survey code should be used within one week because after one week the code will not be valid.
  • The user must have knowledge about English and Spanish language because the Whataburger Experience Survey can be conducted in only these two languages.

Steps To Complete Whataburger Experience Survey:

  • Open the web browser on the device which can be a computer or a smartphone as both versions of site are available.
  • Then visit to the official site of Whataburger at whataburgersurvey.com.
  • Now the next step is to choose the language which is more preferable for the customer, there are two languages available i.e. English and Spanish.
  • After choosing the language enter the survey code which will be given at the bottom of the purchase receipt. And that’s why it is required to keep the receipt carefully.
  • Now to begin the Whataburger Experience Survey click on the “START” button.
  • Now a series of questions will appear which are required to be answered by the customer.
  • After answering all the questions click on the “ submit” button to submit the answers and also the customers are required to provide their contact details.
  • Finally the survey is completed now one will receive the survey code which should be noted down, as the customer can use this code to redeem for a sandwich on their next visit at store.

Whataburger Experience Survey Rewards:

  • Completing the Whataburger Experience Survey will give their customers a validation code which can be redeemed on their next visit and can get a free sandwich from it.
  • The code cannot be transferable into cash and that’s why it should be redeemed as soon as possible.
  • The code is valid for only one week and that’s why it is suggested that the code should be redeemed in one week, because after one week the code will not be valid.


From the content it can be seen that Whataburger focuses only on the customers satisfaction. There are certain things that are required to take the survey including requisite like computer or laptop or smartphone and a good internet or wifi connectivity and purchase receipt from the last visit. The survey also includes certain steps to be completed. The survey is recommended as one of the best ways for the customers so that they can speak up there mind. These feedbacks of the customers are used by Whataburger to improve and develop their working and the quality of product. Whataburger focuses more on the satisfaction of their customers as such to increase their revenue and as well as goodwill in the market. From this Whataburger Experience Survey customers are also getting rewards in the form of validation code which can be redeemed in his/ her next visit and can get free sandwiches from it. So it can be said that the survey is profitable not only for the company but for their customers as well.

MyShopRite Experience Survey

What is MyShopRite Experience??

Have you ever been to Shoprite Supermarket? If yes, then you should definitely share your honest thoughts, comments and opinions in MyShopRite Experience. MyShopRite Experience is a survey conducted by the legal members of Shoprite Company in order to take the feedback from the visitors. By sharing your loyal feedback, you can win 1 of 22 $500 gift cards every month.

The MyShopRite Experience survey procedure is simple. The customers need to take the survey by entering some details and then answering the questions. Then you will be able to win the reward coupon of free surprise gift.


How to Win a Surprise Gift in MyShopRite Experience Survey @www.myshoprite.com  

Let’s get started with MyShopRite Experience survey prerequisites to win a surprise gift. You will require the following:

  1. An Electronic device

You need a device to take the survey. The device can either be a laptop, PC or a smartphone. The company provides desktop version as well as mobile version. Note that your device must be capable of accessing internet.

  1. Internet connection

You need an internet connection to access the official website of MyShopRite Experience Survey. The survey can be taken when you are online. You need to install browser to operate the site.

  1. Valid Shoprite Receipt

You need the receipt of your purchase at ShopRite store. The receipt is required as the site asks you to enter your details. The details that required to be entered are date and time of visit, store number, register number and transaction number. Therefore, it is required for you to keep the receipt. (All these details are required to verify your visit to the Supermarket).

  1. Language Understanding

You can take MyShopRite Experience survey in two languages, i.e., English and Spanish. The company offers the customers to take the survey in both the languages. When you will visit the site it will appear in English. And if you are not comfortable with the English language, you can switch to Spanish option available on the bottom of the screen according to your preference.

Rules for MyShopRite Experience Survey

  • You are eligible for the survey if you are 18 years old or more than 18 years of age.
  • For taking part in the survey, you must have visited the Shoprite Supermarket at least once.
  • You must have a Shoprite receipt of your latest visit.
  • For the receipt, you have to buy something from the store.
  • The receipt is valid for a limited time period so you should take the survey as soon as possible.

Instructions For MyShopRite Experience Survey

The procedure to take the survey is easy. The company simplified the procedure so that more customers can take the survey. The procedure for the survey can be described in certain steps. The steps to take the survey are discussed below:

Step I: Arrange all the required things

The very first step is to arrange all the required things before taking the survey. The required things include device either a laptop, PC or a smartphone, receipt of your latest purchase at the ShopRite supermarket.

Step II: Visit the site of MyShopRite Experience Survey

Now you need to visit the official site of MyShopRite Experience Survey, i.e., www.myshopriteexperience.com. To visit the site you need a device which can be a laptop or a smartphone. Then you need to install a JavaScript browser. Then open the browser and search for the site of MyShopRite Experience Survey.

Step III: Choose language

Now you need to select the language from the two available language options. The language options in which you can take the survey are English and Spanish. When you will reach the site it will appear in English and then if you want to change it to Spanish, there is an option on the bottom of the screen as Espanol. Click on that option to have the page in Spanish. You can select the language as per your convenience.

Step IV: Enter details

After selecting the language, you need to enter certain details. The details are mentioned on the receipt of your purchase. The details that you need to enter on the site are date and time of visit at the store, store number, register number and transaction number. Because of this it is important to keep the receipt of your latest purchase.

Step V: Answer the questions

After entering the details you will have to answer few questions. The questions are easy to answer and are related to your visit to the store such as your experience at the ShopRite Supermarket, services and behaviour of the staff, cleanliness at the store, how frequently you visit the store, etc. So, you need to recall your visit and then answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.

Step VI: Note down the validation code

After answering the questions honestly, you will receive a validation code. You need to note down the validation code on your receipt of purchase. This validation code is the reward coupon of free surprise gift given by the company to its customers to take the survey. You have to show this validation code to the cashier on your next visit so the cashier can verify the code and allow you to redeem the coupon. You should redeem the coupon in 30 days as the code is valid for 30 days only.

Shoprite Contact Information

At ShopRite, customers are the most important part. They are always ready to help their customers anytime. While they do their best to answer the customer’s email as quickly as possible, if your concern is urgent, they recommend you to make a call at their Customer Care Center at 1-800-ShopRite (1-800-746-7748). Customer Care Associates are available to assist you from Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM.


MyShopRite Experience survey, more commonly known as ShopRite Survey can be taken at www.myshopriteexperience.com. The management of the store is always on a lookout for what the customers have to say about their services. At the end of the survey, you can also win a surprise gift. And as far as the privacy goes, customers don’t have to worry as all their information is kept safe and is not shared with anyone for any purpose whatsoever.

Chase Bank Routing Numbers-All USA States

Founded in 1799, Chase bank presently is a consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of multinational JP Morgan Chase banking corporation. Chase bank is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. This bank operates more than 5 100 branches and 16 100 ATMs in the US. Also Chase bank has its affiliate branches in 85 countries throughout the world. Nowadays more than 260 thousand employees work for this bank. By now Chase bank is one of the largest banks in the United States with its assets worth $2.509 trillion. For 2009 bank’s total revenue was more than $58 billion while the net income was $857 million. Chase bank possesses Retail Financial Services, Commercial Banking and Card Services divisions.

Chase routing number is placed on the bottom left side of the voided check along with the bank customer’s checking account number and the check number. This routing number consists of nine digits surrounded by ,: ,: signs. Federal Reserve Banks and Automated Clearing House use these routing numbers for Fedwire funds transfers, funds direct deposits and some other automated money transfer operations. If chase tx routing number written on deposit slip does not coincide with the one on a voided check, you should contact the bank or visit the bank’s branch nearest to your location to obtain the correct information there.  Here is a list of chase routing numbers for US states:

Chase Bank Routing Numbers List

StateChase Routing Number
Arizona               122100024
California            322271627
Colorado 102001017
Connecticut        21100361
Florida                  267084131
Georgia              61092387
Idaho                123271978
Illinois             71000013
Indiana               74000010
Kentucky              83000137
Louisiana             6540013
Michigan              72000326
Nevada                322271627
New Jersey            21202337
New York – Downstate  21000021
New York – Upstate   22300173
Ohio                 44000037
Oklahoma              103000648
Oregon                    325070760
Texas                      111000614
Utah                        124001545
Washington          325070760
West Virginia        51900366

U.S. banks showed record high revenue

According to FDIC total revenue of US banks for the second quarter of 2013 appeared to be record high. The amount of total revenue reached $42.2 billion. Such dynamics was stimulated by a process of banks credit portfolio growth and assets quality improvement.

The largest US bank by the size of its total assets – JP Morgan Chase reported a growth in its revenue for the reporting period by 31% to $6.5 billion. Citigroup’s revenue which is one of the three largest bank holding companies in the US grew by 42%. The total revenue of Bank of America – the second largest US bank by the size of its assets grew by 63% for the discussed second quarter.

FDIC quarterly report proves the fact of recovery of the banking sector which was receiving government aid and bailouts for five years.

Trends which were recorded in the last quarters of last year (2012) continue in the second quarter of this year (2013). Revival of the financial sector has lasted for more than three years already. The number of profitable institutes is on the increase and a further decrease in number of banks with financial problems or bankruptcies is evident.

The largest U.S. banks spent more than $100 billion for legal fees

According to Bloomberg agency report in a period from 2008 to 2013 six largest US banks had to spend $103 billion for various damage reimbursement cases and settlements of judicial claims.  According to this report the following banks are involved: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. The agency explained that during their research all legal and litigation fees, lawyers’ charges and compensation payments were calculated and taken into account. The agency notes that out of $103 billion of legal charges $56 billion was spent on court hearings and the remaining share went on compensation to investors for wrong actions from operations with mortgage securities.

The Banks that suffered the greatest losses according to the agency are JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America that spent up to 75% of the above mentioned litigation charges. JP Morgan Chase had to spend $21.3 billion and to allocate over $8 billion more for various possible future compensations for claims concerning wrong operations with mortgage securities. In addition on August 28, 2013 it was announced that one more claim was brought against this bank by US authorities. They demand that JP Morgan Chase pay $6 billion in penalty for settlement of their case concerning the sale of risky securities to the mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by this bank. This research also showed that the expenses of the banks’ legal proceedings and compensations grew by 40% from the beginning of 2012.  Experts of agency linked this with the growth in quantity of the claims brought by the regulators and individual customers.

Analysts note that the sum of $103 billion exceeds the aggregate net income of all six banks in 2012 and the total dividends paid out by these banks for the last five years period. Moreover imagine that in 2012 six largest US banks earned a total revenue of $59.5 billion in 2012 and since 2007 $98.6 billion of payments have been allocated to their shareholders.

We have listed all the available Chase Bank Routing Numbers from all the states from United States Of America.If any changes made or if we get any update regarding changes in Chase Bank Routing Numbers we will update them here immediately and notify you.

How To Do Customer Satisfaction Survey Online

Here i have mentioned the things you need to do to complete customer satisfaction survey online.The below things are implemented in mcdonalds customer satisfaction survey conducted on mcdvoice con

Is This You

Are you a business leader who needs to increase customer satisfaction in order to increase your revenues or be able to do more with less?

According to the Balanced Scorecard Institute, “.. management philosophy has shown an increasing realization of the importance of customer focus and customer satisfaction [and loyalty] in any business. These are leading indicators: if customers are not satisfied [and loyal], they will eventually find other suppliers that will meet their needs. Poor performance from this perspective is thus a leading indicator of future decline, even though the current financial picture may look good.”

What’s the first step to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty? Conduct a third party independent survey to understand what drive your customer’s satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Solutions

At Acqua Consulting, we work with business leaders who need to increase revenue and do more with less. We feel strongly that one way to achieve this is through increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

As a business leader, you are often caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business, and at times can be too close to the business to truly understand customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

At Acqua Consulting, we develop and conduct and independent third-party survey to assess your firm’s customer satisfaction, and referenceability. Unlike other survey firms however, we also identify and recommend actions to improve satisfaction and referencability. In fact, when asked to do so, we will manage the recommended delivery of the actions or projects that we recommend. We will live by our recommendations and drive the required project forward, as our goal is to make sure you achieve measurable and sustainable results.

As part of our process, we measure Loyalty. Loyalty relates to a relationship between a company and a customer. Loyalty Behavior (a.k.a. Customer Retention) means the act of customers making repeat purchases of their current brand, rather than choosing a competitor brand instead. Loyalty Attitudes are those judgments and feelings about a product, service, brand or company that are associated with repeat purchases.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Program Framework

Our proven framework used at companies like PeopleSoft will ensure that you:

  • See the big picture.
  • Define measurable customer satisfaction and loyalty objectives.
  • Link performance measures throughout your organization.
  • Stop customer churn before it starts.
  • Focus on reducing the root causes of churn.
  • Avoid misleading customer surveys.
  • Establish a link between actual customer experience and actual customer behavior.
  • Know that a better understanding is valuable only if followed by a practical improvement plan that can be implemented (Action is required)

Measure and Improvement

Once we have executed our new initiative, we must measure and iterate to improve. Some required items to perform include:

  • Set of customer listening tools – Acqua’s quality system uses customer feedback to identify improvement opportunities that drive the cycle of continuous improvement.
  • Identify and act on improvement opportunities – We believe strongly that the Customer Survey is a critical component of a Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Program.

Maybe you’ve heard this before. Maybe you,ve tried this before. Here are the top reasons why it is difficult to understand customers using surveys:

  • There are too many questions on surveys.
  • The wrong customers respond.
  • The right employees never hear the problems.
  • Many surveys are sales calls in disguise.
  • Survey scores don’t link to a company’s performance.
  • Plain vanilla solutions don’t fit company needs.
  • Everyone gets to make up their own rules.
  • Surveys confuse transactions with relationships.
  • Surveys actually dissatisfy customers.
  • Manipulation wrecks survey’s credibility.

Because we understand these common problems, Acqua Consulting takes the following into consideration for planning surveys:

  • What to measure.
  • Sampling methodology.
  • Identification of satisfaction and loyalty characteristics.
  • Determining which satisfaction and loyalty characteristics that produce the highest value to customers.
  • Consistency between baseline and periodic surveys.
  • Employees complete customer survey to determine gap between employee and customer perceptions of satisfaction and loyalty.

In summary, at Acqua Consulting our goal is to help you increase revenue and do more with less. Increasing customer satisfaction, via a proven methodology, is a reliable way to do this.

Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers For Men in India 2018

I Know many of men are not fan of a clean shaven face.So if you are into this category of men, Then actually you need is a best beard Trimmer for men 2018 in India.
make you a well groomed and while managing to keep hair on your face. and moreover, it is a must have tool for any of man that actually keeps a beard and likes to keep it looking very neat, tidy and even the unchanging.

And also it allows you to keep your facial hair without having to fully shave it or let it in grow wild. And also the trimmers lets you keep your hair very smooth and unlike shaving which makes them very hard.

And Due to lack of time, actually i had been procrastinating on shaving actually due to it consuming all my precious time. And the Trimmers consumes less time so that is the reason i have started to research for a decent value for money beard trimmer.

And Here i was on both shavers and trimmers. Now i use a combination of both shaving and trimming.

So in my research, what i found is, Actually i got to know about many tips for choosing the beard trimmer and it is also about which are the best beard trimmer options for Indians. And Here i am sharing all the following guide and that gives the tips which based on my research for the best Indian beard trimmer 2018.

Here are the Tips for Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer 2018 for your needs.

     1 ) Can it be used while charging/corded?- So, What is going to happen if you woke up one morning and then find the charge of your trimmer completely gone? And moreover if you find that the trimmer can’t be used while charging and here you are already late for the work or college.

So to just escape such situations, i have the best method is i will just choose a beard trimmer and which can be used while on charging.

     2 ) Charge Time- So, this is the time that the trimmer takes to fully charge and let’s say if you wake up at 5AM and you have to go somewhere 8AM. And when you check the trimmer and see that it is out of charge. And you have a trimmer that can’t be used while charging and the charging time of your trimmer is 10 hoursSo that only means that your trimmer will charge completely a 4PM.

So to escape such type of situations, just buy a trimmer with a charging  time of 1 hour and that will give you the enough time to fully charge your trimmer till 7 AM and that is the better way to buy a trimmer that can be used while charging also.

 3) Runtime- So, This is the time that the trimmer can be used after full charging. So better get a trimmer with at least 45-60 minutes runtime or otherwise you will have to charge in between the trimming if you are taking too long time in trimming.

  4) Blades- They are the one which actually comes in contact with your skin. Now one wants that accidental cuts and blade irritations. So Just get a trimmer whose blades are at least made up of stainless steel and has also got the rounded tips and also non-scratching combos for extra protection and also the comforts.

Aside Steel blades, modern blades are titanium coated, actually which makes them last a while. So in the same vein, some of the trimmers come with self-sharpening blades.

So, Now this simply means that they sharpen themselves and will also deliver a very high performance for may of years to come. So here you really don’t have to bother about the changing blades or Sharpening them That is how.

  5) Precision/Lock-In Length Setting- So, The best trimmers for Men Beard give the precision up to 0.5 mm. and the locking length settings will enable you to lock in the blades of your moustache and the beard trimmer at certain lengths (So Usually from one millimeter up) and can also achieve the most accurate shaving and also the trimming experience.


RankNameCharging TimeRun Time
1Philips QT4011/151 Hour90 Minutes
2Philips BT5200/151 Hour60 Minutes
3Philips QT4005/1510 Hours45 Minutes
4Panasonic ER-GB378 Hours50 Minutes
5Philips QT4001/1510 Hours45 Minutes
6Philips QT4006/1510 Hours45 Minutes
7Philips QT4001/1510 Hours45 Minutes
8Panasonic ER30712 Hours40 Minutes
9Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B12 Hours40 Minutes
10Panasonic ER-GB30KRuns On Battery120 Minutes

Now Here you the list, now you know what to look while choosing the best beard trimmer for you.



Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers For Men
Philips QT4011 is one of the best beard trimmer in India and also it is the number 1 on this list just because of its awesome features and also it got the rating of 4.36 out of 5 from my end.


1) It can be used anytime even while Charging/Corded.

2) It has got the lowest (Best) charging of 1 hour.

3) And it has 90 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of charging.

4) It also gives precision of 0.5mm. and it has a very easy to select and lock-in length settings. And Here you just have to turn the wheel to simply select and then lock in the length settings you want from a 3- day beard of 0.5 mm and also up to a full beard of 10mm, in precise 0.5mm steps.

5) it has the advanced titanium blades for superior cutting performance and also the long lasting sharpness and it has rounded blade tips and also the combos to just prevent the irritation.

6) This one also has the detachable head for easy cleaning and here you have to detach the head and rinse it under the tap for easy cleaning. So just make sure to dry it before you put it back on the trimmer.

7) Now here it comes with a free travel pouch which actually protects the trimmer during travelling and storage.

8) And also it comes with a 2 year worldwide guarantee, worldwide voltage comparability, and it is never needs to be oiled.

9) It has a sports battery status light indicator and then the light appears green when the trimmer is fully charged and then it blinks when the battery is very low, and blinks green while charging.

Cons :

1) It is not a water-proof and Although you can wash the blade.



Best Beard Trimmers For Men 2018

Philips BT5200/15 Trimmer for men is the second best the most used trimmers in India. And it gets a rating of 4.30 out of 5 from my end.


1) So, This can be used anytime, like while charged/corded.

2) It aslo got the lowest(best) charging time of 1 hour.

3) It has got the 60 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of charging.

4) And it also gives precision of 0.2 mm. and it has 17 easy ways to select and lock-in length settings. So Here you just have to select your preferred trim length by just simply turning the zoom wheel on the handle until the length that you want is displayed from 0.4- 10 mm with mm precision.

5) And i would say it is 100% waterproof for easy and very rough cleaning.

6) And the stainless steel blades with lightly brush against one another, and sharpening themselves as they trim so they with extra sharp and more effective and they also have the rounded tips and the other combos to help and prevent skin irritation.

7) And it also comes with a 2 year worldwide voltage compatibility, and also the worldwide guarentee, and it never needs to be oiled. Grab it Asap!


1) I would say, it would be a little bit costlier than other beard trimmers in the whole list.


Top Beard Trimmers For Men 2018

Philips QT4005/15 is now the third most and the best beard trimmer in India. And it gets a rating of 4.26 out of 5 from me.


1) And it gives 45 mintues of cordless power after 10 hours of charging.

2) And it also gives precision of 0.5 mm. and also it has a very easy method to select and lock-in length settings. And here you can just have to turn the wheel to simply select and to just lock-length settings which you want. So from a 3-day beard of 0.5mm up to a full beard of 10mm, and in precise 0.5mm steps.

3) And it has also got the detachable head for easy cleaning. And here you have to detach the head and then rinse it under the tap for easy cleaning. And just make sure to dry it before you put it back on the trimmer.

4) And it comes with a 2 year worldwide guarantee, and also worldwide voltage compatibility, and it never need to be oiled.

5) And the blades will stay with extra-sharp to just always cut the hairs very neatly and effectively, but here they have the rounded blade tips and the combos to prevent irritation.


1) You can’t use it while it is getting charged.

2) It has got the time limit.It is like it has 10 hours of charging capacity. And that means it needs 10 hours to get fully charged.

3) There is no indicator when it gets fully charged.


Top Beard Trimmers For Men India

Panasonic ER-GB37 Trimmer for men is actually the fourth best trimmer i would say in India. And for this i will give a rating of 4.20 out of 5 from my side.


1) And this gives 50 mintues of cordless power after 8 hours of complete charging.

2) And it offers 19 grooming settings and that range from as low as 1 mm to as high as 10 mm.

3) And this one has got stainless steel blades which give precision through a 45 degree edge.

4) It has also a drain and that allows water to flow through the unit for a very easy clean.

5) And it also gives precision up to 0.5 mm.


1) You will not be able to use it while charging.

2) And it has got a charging time of 8 hours. And then that means it needs total 8 hours of full charge.


Indian Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers For Men

Philips QT400/15 is now the 5th best beard trimmer in India, and i would rate it for 4.20 out of 5 from my end.


1) So this gives 45 minutes of cordless power after the complete 10 hours of full charge.

2) So it gives a precision of 1 mm. Now it is very easy to select and lock-length settings. and here you just have to turn the wheel to simply and then you need to select and then lock-in the length settings and here if you want from a 3-day beard of 1mm up to full beard of 10mm, and exactly is 1mm

3) Even this has also got the detachable head for easy cleaning. And here you have to detach the head and rinse and it is under the tap for easy cleaning. So just make sure to dry it before you put that back on the trimmer.

4) And now it comes with a 2 year worldwide grantee, worldwide voltage compatibility and that don’t need to be oiled.

5) And its blades stay with extra-sharp to always cut hairs neatly and effectively.But it also have rounded blade tips and combs to prevent irritation.


1) This cannot be used while charging.

2) Even it has a charging time of 10 hours. And this means it needs 10 hours to full charge.

3) There is No indicator on it, and you won’t get signal.


Philips Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers For Men In India


Philips QT 4006/15 is now the 6th best and the most used beard trimmer  of 2018 in India. And for this i would like to give a rating of 4.16 out of 5 from me.


1) And this gives the time of 45 minutes of cordless power after the complete 10 hours of full charge.

2) And it gives the precision of 0.5 mm. and it has a easy way to select and lock-in length settings. Now here you just have to turn the wheel to just simply select and then lock-in length settings and here if you want it from a 3-day beard of 0.5mm up to full beard of 10mm, in precise o.5mm steps.

3) Now this has got the detachable head for the easy cleaning. And here you have to detach the head and then clean it under the tap for the easy cleaning. And just make sure to dry it before you place it back on the trimmer.

4) And now this comes with a 2 year worldwide guarantee, and also a worldwide voltage compatibility and it don’t need to be oiled.

5) And the blades always stay with extra-sharp to always cut the hairs very neatly and effectively. But it also have a rounded blade tips and the combo to prevent irritation.


1) you can’t use it while it is getting charged.

2) It has got a good time of 10 hours and this means it needs complete 10 hours to fully charge.

3) There is No indictor when it gets fully charged.


Top Best Beard Trimmers For Men India

Philips QT4001/15 is the seventh best beard trimmer in India 2018 and it gets a rating of 4.16 out of 5 from my end.


  • It gives like 45 minutes of cordless power after 10 hours of complete charging.
  • And it gives precision of 1 mm and also it has easy to select and lock-in length settings. Here you just have the wheel to simply select and lock-in the length settings which you want from a 3-day beard of 1mm up to a full beard of 10mm, in precise 1mm steps.
  • It has also got a detachable head which is for easy cleaning, and here you have to detach the head and clean it under the tap for easy cleaning. And just make sure to dry it before you place it back on the trimmer.
  • And it comes with a 2 year worldwide guarantee, and also worldwide voltage compatibility and it never needs to be oiled.
  • And the blades stay extra-sharp to always the cut hairs neatly and effectively. But have rounded blade tips and the combs to prevent


  • Same it can’t be used while charging.
  • And it has a charging time of 10 hours. And this means it needs 10 hours to full charge. So that you can use it very easily.
  • There is No indicator when it gets fully charged.


Panasonic Best Trimmers For Men In India 2018

Panasonic ER307Ws44B Trimmer for men is the  2018 8th best trimmer in India. And it get a rating of 4.13 out of 5 from my end.


  • This Gives 40 minutes of cordless power after 10 hours of complete charging.
  • And this can be used even while charging or corded.
  • This has got a charging indicator lamp actually which glows during charging.
  • And this offers 12 grooming settings which range from 0.2 – 1.8 cm.
  • And this gives high performance blade for precision cutting.
  • And this has got a detachable blade for easy maintenance.
  • And Now this comes with a 2 year warranty form the gaint company Panasonic.


  • This will have a charging time of 12 hours. And now this means it needs 12 hours to get fully charged.
  • And it is not a water-proof. And the body is also not washable. But still you can wash the blade.


Best Indian Trimmers For men 2018

Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Trimmer for men it stands in the top 9th best Indian Trimmer 2018 in this list and also in India. And it gets a rating of 4.13 out of 5 from my end.


  • And this gives 40 minutes of cordless power after 12 hours of charging.
  • And this can’t be used while charging/corded.
  • And this is going to come with a charger indicator lamp and it glows while it is charging.
  • And this offers 12 grooming settings and that will range from 0.2 – 1.8 cm.
  • And it has got high performance blade for precision cutting.
  • And it has got a detachable blade for easy maintenance.
  • And this is going to come with a warranty of 2 years from Panasonic


  • It has got a charging time of 12 hours. And now this means it should be charged for complete 12 hours.
  • And this is not a water-proof one. And the body is not washable also. But still you can wash the blade.


Top 10 Best Trimmers in Amazon India 2018

Philips BT1000/15 Trimmer for Men Now it is in 10th best Beard trimmer in India. And now this gets a rating of 3.96 out of 5 from me.

Note: Actually this trimmer is different from all the above mentioned trimmers in the list. And this trimmer works on AA batteries unlike the other top trimmers which actually you have to charge. And it is very good for travelling.


  • And this gives up to two months of usage with one set of batteries. It’s like 120 mintues cordless power.
  • And the blades stay extra-sharp always to cut the hair neatly and effectively.
  • And this is coming with desired length setting. From 1.5 to 7mm or use it without the comb for a 0.5 mm stubble.
  • And this has got a pop open head which actually makes it easy clean with the help of added brush.
  • And the same this comes with a 2 year world wide warranty and it never need to be oiled.


  • And it is not a water-proof one. And the body is not washable.
  • And this has only 4 length settings.

11. Philips BT10005 Trimmer For Men

Best Beared Trimmers 2018 Indian Men

Philips BT1005 Trimmer for Men now is the 11th best most used best Beard trimmer for men in India 2018 according to me. And now this gets a rating of 3.76 out of 5 from my end.

Note: And the same this trimmer will work on AA batteries unlike the other trimmers so you need to charge. And it is very good for travelling.


  • So it gives up to 2 months of usage with one set of batteries, with 120 minutes of cordless power.
  • And the blades always stay with extra sharp to always cut the hair very neatly and look effectively
  • And there is pop head which makes it clean and helps with a easy way with the added brush.
  • It has also the desired length setting from 1.5 to 7mm or you can use it without the comb for a 0.5mm stubble.
  • And now this comes with a 2 year world wide warranty and will never need to be oiled.


  • This is not water-proof. And the body is not washable.
  • And this will have only 4 length settings.

I Hope the above list had helped in your purchasing decision. So here if you any quires about this article or if you want to ask about the other product. Feel free to ask in the comment section or even you can contact us via email.